With the background from Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation, Global Medical Support AS and SOS International AS, we have more than 30 years experience in solving advanced medical cases as well as giving general health advice.

Our solutions are based on competence and experience with long-distance medical support for patients on travel,  and the need for optimal co-operation between various medical resources. Our e-health solutions also apply to patients in their homes and in health institutions. 

We collect medical data from hospitals and specialists worldwide, to our journal for further co-operation with the patient, hospitals, and other health institutions relevant in the medical treatment process. We have more than 20 years of experience with the use of telemedicine  and video consultations in the offshore business.

We have a large network of specialised nurses and doctors with vast experience and clinical training both fom the private and public sector. A team of minium one doctor and one nurse is available 24/7. The capacity can easily be extended, which makes us a flexible and competent partner.

Our virtual Medical Control Center secures co-operation and best possible prioritising and tracking. 

Advanced Medical Support AS was established in 2015. The company is owned mainly by key personell in the company, and a competence network. 

We have since the beginning of spring 2016, handled more than 10 000 patient cases within international assistance and medical patient transports. The handling time varies from 1-2 hours , till days or weeks. 


The medical managment system secures handling in accordance with laws and regulations. Our medical journal is connected to a Medical Dashboard. This gives us a a realtime overview of ongoing patient cases and urgencies.

Experts in
transport medicine

Long experience with
pasient logistics

A specialist network for
enhanced treatment


We are approved by EURAMI meaning we have systems and processes securing the optimal patient transport to the right time. Our senior personell have unique experience from medical transport and patient treatment before, under and after transport.


With more than 30 års experience from international patient logistics, Advanced Medical Support knows there is a wide range of factors that counts to secure patient transport at the right level with the appropriate medical escort


The Advanced Medical Support managment has long and extensive experience in co-ordinating and administrating medical transport process deliveries

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